Advance Elliot Waves Study – (AEWS) – IOTA

Advance Elliot Waves Study – (AEWS)

Advance Technical Analysis &Elliot Wave Principles & Dow Theory

Module 4: 2 Days                                                                          (Sat and Sun)

Course Details

To equip traders with the latest principle of Elliot waves study and implementation strategies for Indian Stock market and identify future targets for Big Profits in advance.

  • How to identify Motive and Corrective Waves
  • How to count waves in Motive and Corrective trends
  • How to take trading positions in Motive and Corrective waves
  • Learn Elliot wave study with 80% Live Practical’s.
  • Applying EWP in Multiple timeframe for Higher Trading Profits Identify Key Zones to “NOT TO TRADE”.
  • Identify Key Levels for Swing / Positional trades for Huge Profits with EWP
  • Application of Fibonacci Math’s with EWP for best Trading results.
  • Most Powerful Trading Strategy: EWP+OI+RSI Combo for Jackpot Profits.
  • How to trade the Corrective waves with right trading strategies.
  • (Zig Zag / Triangle / Flat patterns / Combination patterns)
  • Simple Zig Zag and Combo ZZ patterns
  • Flat Patterns / Running Flat/ Expanded and Irregular Flat patterns
  • Symmetrical triangle/ Ascending triangle / Descending Triangle patterns
  • Jackpot Profit trading technique with the ABC pattern

who should attend this course ?

Ans:If you have knowledge of stock market and technical analysis, Elliot waves Study Course is a Must, to have a winning edge in Share trading.

How will I benefit from this course?

Ans:Elliot Wave Principles(EWP) is the most effective of technical analysis and trading which will empower traders with Complex wave counts and identify future trend and reversal zones and Targets for excellent delivery jackpot trades.

How often do I have to do my analysis for trading?

Ans:With knowledge of Elliot Waves Study, no need to trade daily intraday. You need only 10mins analysis to be done after market hrs and once a week analysis to be done on Friday or weekend for 30mins.. to plan and action your trades.

Can I trade independently after this course.?

Ans:Yes. EWP Study will enhance your trading skills and make you independent also.

Do you sell any proprietary software for all your Technical analysis courses and trading?

Ans: NO. We don’t sell any Software to our students, as we feel with Technical analysis and EWP studies, Traders don’t need any other software to take their trading decisions.


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