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BATA-Basic And Advanced Technical Analysis

BATA-Basic And Advanced Technical Analysis (Online) Fee: 25,000+GST

Module 5 Days                                                                    (Total 10 hrs)

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Course Details

  • Training video available for  1 Month ( From course registration date)
  • Life-time support through E-mail and Phone*
  • 3 Q & A sessions*
  • Closed watts app group*

To provide advance technical analysis study to trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty Options and take trades with Confidence.

BATA ( Basic & Advanced Technical Analysis )

# This course will help you to identify future trend of the market, identify targets & reversal points in advance [very critical].
#5 way to Identify major support/resistance and possible trend reversal points
#Trading with Multiple Time Frame and  Chart Patterns
#Trendlines: How to Draw Correct Trendlines, and Trade with the Trend for Better Profits
#Channeling Techniques: Trading in a Channel for more Profits – Best Technique

#Moving Averages: Use of MA for Trading.
#Trading with Divergence technique
#Fibonacci Techniques: Delivery Trades & Trading with Fibonacci and identify future targets.
#How to use Fibonacci Techniques to take best Delivery Trading Positions and Max profits.
#How to use powerful  technical indicators like-RSI, BB, ADX & Super Trend
#Gap Theory: How to trade GAP and identify future targets for Jackpot Profits
#How to trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stocks, book Big Profits.
#How to identify Trend and read Major Technical data at Expiry Day for Jackpot Profits.
#How to DOUBLE your Capital in 2-3 months
# Powerful Top – Bottom (trend following) trading strategy for working people
#Intra-day trading strategy to earn Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10,000/- daily
#Other topics covered
*Trading rules to minimize your losses in stock market
*Risk management rules to follow in stock market
*Money management rules to make regular monthly profit in stock market
*How to control emotions and trade in a disciplined manner to overcome greed and fear factor in stock market
*How to maintain positive attitude in stock market, while trading
*Wealth Management

Who is eligible for this Course ?

Ans :Anyone who has the basic understanding to the stock market, can attend this advance technical analysis course.

What Language is the course conducted ?

Ans :The course is conducted in English and Hindi Language so that everybody across India can easily understand. We also ensure that each student has understood 100% about the topics covered during the Course. 

How can I benefit from this Course ? 

Ans:‘This course will enhance you trading skills with the latest and advanced technical analysis study and help you trade with confidence in Nifty and BankNifty Options trading ( Intraday and Positional trades)

How much time I need to devote to make a regular income from stock market.?

Ans:After you have attended this course you will need to devote 1 hour only for your intraday trades ..and 30 mins daily in the evening after market hours for EOD analysis. This will ensure you make a regular income for your family.

How are the Batches Conducted ?

Ans:We have Classroom Sessions and Live Webinar Session. Classroom Sessions are conducted in Mumbai .(  Sat /Sun– 900 am to 600 pm). Webinars are conducted on Sat and Sundays ( 2 hrs each session)

Can I make a career in Share trading and make a good monthly income?

Ans:Yes. Once you have learnt the Basic and Advanced  technical analysis Course  and with regular practice and proper risk and money money management you can be assured of a Good monthly income from the Share market.