Option Trading – NIfty and Bank Nifty – IOTA

Option Trading – NIfty and Bank Nifty

Option Trading - NIfty and Bank Nifty

Nifty Options Trading with Technical Analysis

Module 2:  2 days(Classroom) or(Webinar 6 Days – 2 hrs. each – Sundays)

Course Contains

  • Charting types: How to select and use right Charts for Best Trading results
  • Candlestick Reversal Patterns: Learn  major reversal patterns for profitable trading with maximum practicals.
  • Identify Trend: How to identify Trend? Make More Profit by trading in the direction of Trend, as 80% traders Loose money trading against the trend.
  • Trading and Investment:  What is the difference and how to make the best of Trading in the markets for a regular monthly Income
  • What’s Futures n Options (F&O)
  • Why not to trade in Futures.
  • Why and How to trade in Options: Nifty and Bank Nifty.
  • Trading with Options with Small Capital.
  • Call and Put Options:Understand in details about Call and Put Options and how to trade them in Nifty and Bank Nifty.
  • Intraday Trading:Learn the safe and best profitable Intraday trading techniquefor Right Entry and Exit Levels in Live Market.
  • Delivery Trades: Best trading strategy if you don’t want to trade daily.  Trade only3 to 4 days in a month with confirmed trade signals.
  • Trade SET Up:Setting up your trade with the right SET (Stop loss / Entry / Targets)

Besides the above trading techniques, following topics will help you to identify future trend of the market,identify targets& reversalpoints in advance [very critical].

Trading becomes very easy when you know what is going to happen in market, in advance and when you are going to initiate your next entry.

  1. Identify intraday future movement using Open Interest Data
  2. Identify future confirm trend & targets using RSI
  3. Identify major support/resistance and possible reversal point.

Other Topics Covered:

  1. Trading Rules to minimize your losses in Stock market.
  2. Risk Management to rules to follow in stock market.
  3. Money management rules to make regular profits monthly in the stock market.
  4. How to control Greed and Fear in stock market and how to do trade in a disciplined manner (Control emotions)
  5. How to maintain positive attitude in stock market while trading
  6. Wealth Management


Support Services for Students after the Course: One year


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