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Technical Analysis Basic And Advanced (Online)

Module  2 Week                                                                       (Every Sat and Sun 2hrs)

Course Details

To provide the basic understanding of the stock market to Freshers and help them learn Simple and powerful technical analysis and generate a Regular Monthly Income with Small Capital.

  • Stock Market Overview
  • Market History NSE / BSE
  • Primary / Secondary Market
  • Simple / Compound Interest                                        
  • Inflation
  • Profit / Loss theory
  • Investing vs Trading
  • 20 : 80
  • Charting types: Learn Different Chart types and use the right charting for your type of trades to maximize Profits
  • Identify Trend: “Trend is your Friend” – Trade with the Trend. 80 % Traders Loose Money trading against the Trend.
  • Candlestick reversal Patterns: Learn and Identify Key Candlestick Reversal Patterns for best Profitable trades in Intraday and Delivery.
  • Moving average Crossovers Techniques: How to use MA with other Technical analysis for Best Trading results.
  • How does Averaging Affect yr Trading Profits:  Almost 80% of traders Loose money due to Negative averaging.
  • How to select the right stocks for trades: Critical for a trader to choose the right stocks, else in a Trending market also traders make losses.
  • Trading strategies for Equity cash trading: Learn the Simple and Powerful Techniques for Trading in Equity Cash Segment
  • Technical analysis for effective trade set up for Stock trading
  • Trading with Momentum and breakout strategies
  • Intraday Trading: Simple Powerful Trading Techniques for sure shot Profits. Complete your trades by 1030 -11 am and book out Profits.
  • Positional traders : No need to trade daily. Identify the right reversal areas for Delivery Trades and better profits
  • How to trade with small capital (Rs 25000) and make Daily Rs 500 – Rs 1000 profits trading the right stocks with Technical analysis
  • Other Topics Covered:
  1. How to Control Greed and Fear in Stock Market
  2. How to make disciplined Trades for Consistent Profits in Stock market
  3. How to manage your Risk for Better Profits / Rewards (RR Ratio)
  4. How to Create your Money Mgt Plan
  5. How to Grow your Capital from Rs 25000 to 100000 (in 1 year)
  • Risk Management: Manage your Risk. Profits will follow. Learn the right way to manage you risk in the stock market.
  • Money Management: Make consistent profits month on month and Triple your Capital in one year. How to control your Greed and fear and take disciplined trades is the Key to survive in the Market

Who is eligible for this Course ?

Ans :Every person who has a Desire to Learn and Earn for the Equity Market and can devote one hour daily for trading. No need to have prior knowledge about the Stock market. The course contents are developed in a simple manner for everyone to understand easily.

Is there any age Limit to attend the Course ?

Ans : Anyone between Age 21 to 65 can attend the course.

What Language is the course conducted ? 

Ans : The course is conducted in English and Hindi Language so that everybody across India can easily understand. We also ensure that each student has understood 100% about the topics covered during the Course. 

How can I benefit from this Course ? 

Ans : The course will empower your trading skills and give you confidence to take the right trades to maximize your earnings from the Stock Market and increase your Risk Reward ratios.

I have zero knowledge about Finance and Stock market. Can I attend the course?

Ans :Don’t worry. We will ensure everyone will be given personal attention with over 70% practical’s and weekly assignments and empower you with the Technical analysis for Trading.

I am a working executive and Fresher. Will this course help me to increase my Income ?

Ans : The course is designed for every person who wants to earn a supplementary income regularly from trading. You will need one hour in a day for trades. Trading can be done on your Laptop / Mobiles. With user friendly trading apps.

I am a Housewife and would like to trade part time only. Will this course help me to generate a regular income ? 

Ans : Yes. This course is suitable for Housewives and all part-timers as most of the Trading activities are Done between 915 am to 1130am only. No need to trade Full day.

How are the Batches Conducted ?

Ans : We have Classroom Sessions and Live Webinar Session. Classroom Sessions are conducted in Mumbai ( 2 Sundays – 900am to 600pm). Webinars are conducted on Sundays ( 2hrs each session) for 5 Sundays. Students staying in Mumbai , Thane and NaviMumbai can attend the Classroom Sessions and Other Students can attend the Webinar Sessio

After the Course do I have to purchase any Software etc ?? 

Ans : NO. We do not sell any Software as they are not needed. Our Course will provide you the best trading Skills with Technical analysis and be Independent.

What Support do you provide after the Course is Completed.

Ans :Lifetime Support provided to all Students which will help them to resolve all queries and develop their trading skills

Can I repeat the Course in future if needed ?

Ans :YES

When should I attend the advance technical Courses ??

Ans :Once you are clear on the basics of Share trading and the Stock market, we advise you  to progress with  the latest technical analysis study for Nifty Options trading.

How do I register and make Payment for the Course ?

Ans :Please fill the enquiry form we will inform you the process ahead.


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