Nifty / BankNIfty Trade given 20th Feb 2018 – IOTA

Nifty / BankNIfty Trade given 20th Feb 2018

BAnkNIfty EOD chart view : 12th march 2018 (60m chart)
March 12, 2018
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Hi Friends,

Glad to share our Trades given to our Premium paid group Members ( MSS)>>>

NIfty opened Gapup at 10391(+13 points)>> and Shorted at 10378 ( 10400 PE buy Rs 72) and expected Target 1 at 10353>> but NIfty made a low of 10358 (missed our target by 5 points only) and hit our Sloss and we exited at Rs 62 ( 14 % Loss booked)….

2nd Trade we had given Short in BankNifty with 24900 PE buy at 96 and booked out at Rs 120…( +25 % Profit)          ( made morning high at 135>>>> and at close was 182 >>>> amidst lot of whipsaw and volatility>>

Overall Profit Stood at 11% ( after recovering Loss of 1st Nifty Trade)

Technical Analysis, Price Action, Risk Management Rules Determine the Output of our Trades.

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Happy Trading


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